In this page you will find some tips and tricks on how to publish your press releases.

1) WRITE A PRESS RELEASE: After registration, you will be able to log in – clicking on ‘Write a Press Releases’ – and to have access to the admin panel.

2) ADD NEW: once in the Admin Panel, click on the ‘Add New’ option in the left-side column below ‘Posts’. You will see the following user interface:

User Interface: blue bubbles show the main elements

Following the above interface, you can insert the title and the text for your Press Release in the main column in the centre of the page.

3) CATEGORIES: after having inserted the text, you have more options in order to personalize your content, and make it more visible for your audience. We kindly recommend you to select the right ‘category(s)’ that can better identify the content of your press release. The list of categories is the following:

List of categories

4) TAGS: in order to increase your visibility, and to make your content easily reachable on the internet, you can also add tags to your press release, or choose from the most used tags as it is shown in the example below:

Add your tags or choose from the most used ones

5) PUBLISH: we are almost there! After having inserted all these valuable elements to your press releases, you are now ready to press ‘Publish’ and start to make your voice heard in the Brussels Bubble.

Press the Publish Button

We hope that this brief explanation has been useful to you. However, for any technical issue or questions about how to publish your press releases,  please drop us a line at: and we will be more than happy to support you.

The Team